A. Yes. Dr. Wilborn developed “Tress Therapy” Healthy Hair and Scalp
products to moisturize and condition the hair without weighing it down.

A. Dr. Wilborn discovered that lanolin, which is derived from sheep wool, tends to cause an allergic reaction to the scalp that resembles dandruff.

A. Grease and other heavy products can build up on the scalp, clogging your pores and contributing to stunting the growth of your hair. None of the Tress Therapy conditioners contain any petroleum. Dr. Wilborn’s “Tress Therapy Revitalizer Growth Conditioner” unblocks the follicle, keeping it free of bacteria and toxins that contribute to hair loss.

A. The number one reason hair seems to not grow is hair breakage, which is attributed to dry, brittle hair. Dr. Wilborn developed “Tress Therapy Root Restore,” which contains humectants that revitalize the scalp’s natural moisture balance. This is needed to induce healthy hair growth.

A. Yes, if you tend to be allergic to a particular plant in the products. Think hay fever. Even though the flowers are very natural, you might be allergic to them. In addition, products with natural ingredients require preservatives, unless you make them fresh at home. Dr. Wilborn formulated “Tress Therapy” hypoallergenic products to be free of plant allergens.